Friday, February 19, 2010

Democrats’ Massive Medicaid Expansion Would Bankrupt Already Cash-Strapped States

Today’s New York Times details a fatal flaw in the Democrats’ health bills: “Facing relentless fiscal pressure and exploding demand for government health care, virtually every state is making or considering substantial cuts in Medicaid, even as Congressional Democrats push to add 15 million people to the rolls.”

Keep in mind, Congressional Democrats get nearly half of their reduction in the uninsured from Medicaid expansion. This isn’t health reform, it’s entitlement expansion.

States simply cannot shoulder the new $35 billion financial burden Democrats would like to place on their Medicaid programs (except for Nebraska, the lucky beneficiary of Senator Nelson’s sweetheart deal). And, as the New York Times points out, because of already poor reimbursement rates, Medicaid enrollees today struggle to find doctors who are willing to treat them, leaving beneficiaries with nothing more than an insurance card with little actual value. It has long been clear that Congressional Democrats aren't listening to the American people, who overwhelmingly oppose their government takeover of health care. Now we see they aren't listening to the nation's governors either.

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